Image source: April 3 WTVD ABC11 story showing UNC-Chapel Hill students and fans celebrating on Franklin Street after UNC defeated Duke in the Final Four, as if they don’t know that they’re supposed to still be terrified of the virus. Gov. Roy “Endless State of Emergency” Cooper, meanwhile, had no problem cramming maskless in the Superdome to watch that game, and for some reason the News & Mask Everyone All the Time Especially the Kids Because We Know Better Than Their Parents Observer had no problem celebrating the maskless Cooper. Covid is over until they all decide for power and politics that it isn’t.

This past week 99.95% of people in NC were estimated to pose no threat of passing along COVID-19 to anyone. Also, the seven-day rolling averages of hospitalizations and deaths are at their lowest levels since early April of 2020. The N.C. Department of Health and Human Services (DHHS) has announced an end to daily data reporting, moving to weekly as of April 6.

Despite all of the above and that the two-year anniversary of Gov. Roy Cooper’s “State of Emergency” has already come and gone, we’re supposed to believe we are still in an emergency? Cooper just extended his ridiculous “State of Emergency” through July 15. Needless to say, the majority of U.S. states are no longer under states of emergency for Covid.

The past few months have made it clear to nearly all of us just how political the Covid-19 orders have always been. An “emergency” in which the leaders who declared it behave as if nothing is wrong is no emergency in any plain understanding of the word, and neither is an “emergency” declared for the express purpose to “draw down federal funds.” 

Here is the NC Threat-Free Index for the week ending April 4. All of the statistics generated for the NC Threat-Free Index are based on numbers provided by government sources. This link gives a detailed explanation of how each statistic is derived.

  • As of April 4: over 2.6 million North Carolinians (2,603,548) were presumed to be recovered from Covid-19.
  • Active cases comprised just 0.2% of NC’s total case count. 
  • Active cases represented 0.05% of NC’s population. 
  • Also, 98.9% of NC’s total cases were recovered, no longer infectious, and represented people now with persistentlong-lasting, and robust natural immunity to Covid-19 — immunity that is stronger against Covid-19 and its variants than even that enjoyed by those who are fully vaccinated.
  • Only 0.2% of people in NC had died with Covid-19. 
  • All things considered, 99.95% of people in NC posed no threat of passing along Covid-19 to anyone. 

Immunity, protection, post-vaccination infections, and reinfections

For the week ending April 4:

  • At least 92.4% of all North Carolinians — 95% of adults — are estimated to have naturally acquired immunity or the protection of being fully vaccinated or both. 
  • Conversely, only about 2.0% of all North Carolinians — and 0.8% of adults — were estimated to have neither natural immunity nor any protection from at least one inoculation. 
  • There had been 539,479 post-vaccination infections among 6,150,768 fully vaccinated individuals, per the most recent update from DHHS (for the week ending March 21). Strangely, for March 5 or two weeks earlier, DHHS had reported many more post-vaccination infections (546,598 among 6,122,705 fully vaccinated individuals).
  • The estimated post-vaccination infection rate for the week ending March 21 was 8.8%.
  • Also as of the week ending March 21, 44% of Covid-19 cases in North Carolina over the previous week were to people considered fully vaccinated
  • There had been 90,050 reinfections for those with prior lab-confirmed cases of Covid-19 as of the week ending March 21.
  • The estimated reinfection rate for the week ending March 21 was 3.5%.