The Lake Lure Classical Academy, a K-12 public charter school, chose to suspend all its club activities after it was discovered that an LGBT club had formed. Teacher Layne Long, who accommodated the club, argued, “This is not a religious club. This is a human rights club.” It was a poster given to the club by this teacher that forced future school posters to have a stamp of approval from the communications bureau.

School Director Jessica Boland apologized for closing all clubs:

“From the school side, when you are in the school community, the issues aren’t as prevalent as the outside community is making it,” Boland said. “I find it disappointing that we have to suspend all clubs.”

Action couldn’t be taken against the club alone for having an element of lewdness and licentiousness. Parents are not at liberty to say they want their children, who are minors or even kindergartners, to refrain from hanging out in groups that want to talk about what they do with their reproductive organs.