I realize hyperbole hurts arguments, but yesterday I was thinking about the worn-out definition of insanity misattributed to Einstein. Well, I know from experience one way to prove you’re crazy is to say Einstein was wrong about anything. But a better definition of crazy is holding down a job. Think about it. At all these commissioners’ meetings we hear about the need to increase capacity for social services to justify greater influx of federal funding. So, why should I hold down a job for a little more than $100 a day pre-tax, when I could lay in a hospital bed with wraparound services and bring thousands of dollars a day into the community? I’d support x-number of nurses’ jobs and y-amount of pharmaceutical research. The hospital would be able to purchase more equipment and treat more indigents. The nurses, with their extra money, would be able to afford to live in the city and support local restaurants. Then, the restaurants would be able to pay living wages. Who’s crazy by today’s standards: the wage slave working to improve and diversify products to improve our standard of living but bringing zero dollars into the community; or the psycho, or fake psycho, in the hospital bed garnering all this free money to multiply indirectly and inductively?