Lots of legislators seem to think they have “no choice” but to overturn Gov. Mike Whatshisname’s veto of a $40 million handout to Goodyear.

Don’t believe it.

Although North Carolina’s criminally gerrymandered legislative districts are unlikely to produce competitive general election contests, plenty of primaries in 2008 could feature challengers asking incumbents — Democan or Republicrat — why they voted to hand taxpayer money to a corporation at the same moment the General Assembly asks for more money from taxpayers.

If the answer really is “we had to” remind me why we even bother with electing people.

Bonus Observation: Wish I could say I was surprised but not word in today’s Uptown paper of record on the veto fight. Oh, cocaine scandal in Lesser Carolina — got room for that. But zippy on where the county delegation stands on the handout in Raleigh. I swear, that’s not by accident.