Freedom. Life. Privacy. Opportunity. Merit. Free Speech.

Sen. Graham is right. Today the reality of consequences hits like a ton of bricks. Today could have been a day to rejoice in founding principles. Today we could have been looking forward to the fight for a fourth Supreme Court appointment from a Donald Trump administration, which always comes with an important recitation of founding principles. Instead, today we’re faced with the near certainty that President Biden will add a young progressive to the court to replace Justice Stephen Breyer, ensuring another 30 years of destructive progressive thought emanating from a seat on the high court. Look at the U.S. Senate chart. Yes, elections have consequences, and Biden’s 2020 win – fueled in part by Never Trumpers – makes it all too clear.

As the Never Trumpers have repeatedly shown us for the past year, the consequences of their rejection of Trump are stark and real. Crime is up. Inflation is up. COVID-19 therapeutics are scarce. The southern border is open. Afghanistan is starving. Putin is emboldened.

As we live with Biden’s America, let this colossal missed opportunity to fight for another seat on the Supreme Court – to fight for liberty – sink in. When faced with the choice of enduring the incompetence of a man who wants to be FDR, or putting up with mean tweets and a super-sized ego, I’ll choose competence any day of the week.