President Obama, as you know, will be visiting Asheville Wednesday. Although the route he will travel has not been disclosed, it at least appears his motorcade will not make a lot of people late for work. He is expected to touch down around 11:00 a.m. and leave after a little more than two hours. He will visit Linamar, the recipient of beaucoups in corporate welfare. The event is not open to the public, but the mayor announced Tuesday that all members of Asheville City Council had been invited to attend, and the president will give them audience.

The mayor wants the president to do something about Tim Moffitt taking the airport from the city. PETA wants him to permanently close the Chief Saunooke bear zoo in Cherokee. Asheville Beyond Coal wants him to make people use clean energy. Although it is not yet confirmed, rumor has it that the Lion will be asking for courage, the silver man with a funnel on his head will want a heart, and the Scarecrow will plead for a brain. If I could afford to take time off work, I’d ask the president for front-row seats at three or four rock concerts.

Being diverse, the Asheville Tea Party is honoring proscribed Constitutional powers and merely asking that he undo just about everything he’s done. Cliquez ici if you want details on how to join the fun.