Wesley Pruden explains in the Washington Times why the latest Democratic attack against the Trump administration is no more valid than previous attempts.

In the beginning, it was collusion with the Russians that the Democrats were counting on to send the president to obscurity, or worse. When that partisan fantasy dissolved like snow on a sunny day, the Democrats seized obstruction of justice as the crime of the century. The special counsel concluded there was not enough there, either.

Now the only “high crime and misdemeanor” left to imagine is that the attorney general “lied to Congress.” Without a shred of reliable evidence, that’s the thinnest fantasy of all. The third time is definitely not the charm.

So what’s next? Is there a scandal about pilfered bedpans at the Department of Health and Human Services? Did the attorney general indulge a needed burp and forget to beg Jerrold Nadler’s pardon? What the Democrats need, in addition to a good 5-cent cigar, is a scandal with lasting power.

Robert Mueller, the special counsel, is unhappy because the attorney general didn’t do the job Mr. Mueller was paid to do. Mr. Barr’s four-page summary of the special counsel’s 488-page final report didn’t satisfy the Democrats and the media mob, and they let Mr. Mueller know that he is no longer their favorite hunk. That hurt, and it’s the attorney general’s fault.