If you thought that North Carolina was the only state in the country facing uncertain budget times….look again.

New Hampshire passed a continuing resolution, similar to NC, but has been unable to come to a compromise on the state budget.  Their situation is a bit different though, a Democratic Governor and House with a slim Republican majority in the Senate, and their temporary spending bill extends until New Year’s eve.

Illinois has a Republican governor and two Democratic chambers in the legislature.  They have yet to pass any form of a spending bill for the state, and the state’s budget still sits in limbo almost two months after the end of the fiscal year.  Lawmakers did come up with a plan to use billions of dollars in federal funding until they can come to an agreement, yet Gov. Bruce Rauner vowed Tuesday to veto the measure.

Pennsylvania also has not been able to pass a budget for the upcoming fiscal year.  With a Democratic Governor and a Republican legislature, they have run into compromise problems while trying to meet the state’s balanced budget requirement.