The analysis of the Asheville City Council race continues to annoy. This one was black, that one was gay. Does nobody care about ideas anymore? No. What matters is what a person looks like, because they can only represent those with similar body parts – unless they have identity politics that make their body parts not what they seem.

Another annoying fallacy of which news is made is that crime ought to be stopped by seizing assets. Just as guns run off and make trouble in the absence of an ill-intending finger, so goes cash. It is not the dude using a machete on peoples’ heads that is evil. It is the old lady who is too poor to hire a private investigator to research her bank before she makes a deposit. Her money, through six or seven transactions, may actually fund the dude with the machete.

The other major gripe, which I’ve shared before, is that we must judge all cultures, past and present, by today’s knowledge. The moment anybody is wrong about anything, all other ideas they had must be dismissed – unless the communicator is totally wrong on everything.