Tim Newman is right. Charlotte Mayor Anthony Foxx hasn’t created any additional jobs, no matter how many sound bites he is given in the media to claim that he has.

Friday morning, a post appeared on Newman’s Facebook page that said this:

“Hey Mayor Foxx when you create a job call me….otherwise go to the place you deserve…that would be Hell.”

I don’t know if Foxx deserves to go to hell for not creating any jobs, but Newman, the former (now demoted) CEO of the city’s convention and visitor’s bureau has uttered an unspeakable truth in public — that Foxx really hasn’t presideded over the creation on jobs.

Here’s the proof. The city has actually lost jobs each month since March. There were 800 fewer total people employed in March of this year in Charlotte than there were in March 2010. In April, there were 1,700 fewer people employed in Charlotte than in April 2010. And so on. This occurred every month through June. July’s employment numbers haven’t been revised yet, so we’ll see where Charlotte stands when they are.

But the bottom line is that when you look at total employment, or the total number of people employed (the only important number when it comes to measuring the local jobs picture) Charlotte is falling behind where it was last year.

Newman claims that someone, um, stole his cell phone and posted the post, and that he now has his cell phone back. Or something. Whatever the case, the truth about Foxx’s job record actually made it into the local media, something that couldn’t have been accomplished any other way.

There is no greater sin among the shiny shoes crowd in which Newman runs than to tell the truth about the city’s economic situation in public. After various fiscal screw ups it was announced that Newman had been demoted from CRVA CEO to an executive position in sales and marketing at the agency, which keeps him on the public payroll. Look for the shiny shoes to off him after this recent transgression.

As in, to make sure he is removed from the CRVA teat. If I were Newman, I’d consider moving to another city at this point. Doors will only slam in his face going forward in this one.