In a conversation yesterday, I shared my realization that the truth was on trial these days. It’s a far cry from thirty years ago when allegations would be measured against the truth. Now, we have to have pundits frame things for us (like Fox News’ recent 1=3 deal). Pundits with understanding (like Stossel and Gutfeld) are driven to hyperbole and sarcasm trying to make their points.

I shared with this other person, who is a CPA, the absurdity of working over 100 a week to recycle $520 pre-tax in the local economy; when I could lie in a hospital bed, properly consume services, and bring thousands of free federal dollars a day into the community. If I wanted, I could bring more free federal dollars into the community by arguing that my subsidized or sliding-scale stay was not free but paid with tax dollars, because that would create jobs for psychologists. At least I know one rises in status the more he can say “community.”

We celebrate that we are better off than we were a decade ago because we are earning 75 percent of former wages, living in decrepit situations, more in debt, and hopefully taking advantage of more government programs. In the old days, if we wanted a strong economy, we would all get to work. Today, those of us with paychecks aren’t innovating or producing; we’re pushing paper or carrying titles and attending meetings with authority. To make our thriving economy even more vibrant, we convene conventions of visionaries to come up with ten-year plans.

We’re so bored filling out compliance forms, getting put on hold when we want to challenge an error in the system, or sitting watching the blue circle go round and round on our computers, more and more of us are turning to lives of addiction. Some people go for the illegal stuff, but many others go for alcohol or prescription antidepressants. So, when some sober dude watching the news queries, “Where’s the outrage?” he can rest assured it’s held in check by whatever’s in the bottle.

To help ourselves personally, we consult our local New Age visionaries who help us reshape our energy fields. The gurus can prove their positive energy fields are bringing them wealth, when they are only profiting off the hopeless seeing nowhere else to turn.