Gun-rights advocates are looking across the pond for ammunition (pun intended) that supports their arguments. Stephen Gutowski of the Washington Free Beacon reports.

Gun-rights proponents said on Monday that London’s rising murder rate is evidence of failed gun-control policies.

London saw 15 murders in February while its American cousin of nearly the same size, New York City, saw 14, according to the Sunday Times. Similarly, the paper said there were 22 killings in London during March while there were 21 in New York City. They said it represented a 38 percent increase over 2014.

Alan Gottlieb, founder of the Second Amendment Foundation and chairman of the Citizens Committee for the Right to Keep and Bear Arms, said the recent spike in killings shows criminals are undeterred by England’s civilian gun bans and strict gun-control laws. “Last year, London recorded 80 fatal stabbings, which only proves that guns aren’t the problem, criminals are,” Gottlieb said. “And when violent criminals don’t have guns, they resort to other lethal weapons.”

He said English civilians face a situation where they are forced to disarm but face criminals who do not obey the nation’s laws.

“Our friends in the United Kingdom suffer under horribly restrictive gun laws, yet the murders in London reveal something anti-gunners everywhere refuse to acknowledge,” Gottlieb said. “While the British have campaigned for people to turn in knives, it’s clear from the body count in their capitol city that their outlaws are just like American criminals. They do not obey the laws against guns, knives or murder and mayhem.

“And that is the dirty little secret of gun control. Criminals always find a way to violate the law.”