I’ve never cared much for Carrboro Alderman Dan Coleman and his socialist views, but the charge of assault with a deadly weapon (his car) brought against him are a joke.

Coleman, according to reports, was delivering his son to a baseball game at Hank Anderson Park when he found his car’s way blocked by a seemingly unreasonable woman making way for come cross-country runners. He asked the road blockers if they had police permission to block the cars and they admitted they didn’t.

According to Coleman, the woman, Amanda Joyce Kotecki, 33, of Durham, wouldn’t let any cars pass even during long lulls between runners. This is how she described the dastardly assault:

He started up again, so close that her hand was on the hood of his car, Kotecki said, then crossed through the meet’s path.

“I’m not injured in any way, but did I feel like there was potential that he wasn’t going to stop? Yes, I did,” Kotecki said.

How any cop or magistrate could take her charge of assault seriously is beyond me. But maybe it’s not so surprising. It’s Carrboro. Actually, the only surprising thing to me is that a person of Coleman’s political and societal views would allow his kid to play a such a competitive and bourgeois sport as baseball.