Rick Bagley has wanted me to spread the word about a couple web pages: This one and that one.

If you read the articles, you will learn that a great talk was given, but you won’t know much about the content. John Boyle is a fact-driven actuary who saw unfunded liabilities were going to destroy local governments long before the crisis in Detroit hit the mass media. In his line of work as a financial consultant, is not unusual for him to be replaced by other actuaries with sweeter messages.

Regardless, the full transcript of the article has been promised for a few months, but it has never been posted online. It could be because us little raindrops are not considered intelligent enough to handle it, or it could be that the powers that be fear the same kind of panic that occurred in Greece when the Socialists published more accurate information about the extent of that country’s debt.

I will repeat myself in saying I don’t like how the big newspaper handled the monopoly it was given for covering this story. I do have a transcript of the presentation given in Asheville, and will be happy to type it into my computer to email to anybody interested in reading it.