Reuben Fischer-Baum and Carl Bialik of provide an update on Uber in New York City. The ride sharing company’s impact is mixed, depending upon where in the city you look:

Both taxis and Ubers increased their pickups in Brooklyn and Queens, particularly in gentrifying areas; the services are supplementing each other in these neighborhoods. Uber also gained in Staten Island and the Bronx, while taxi pickups were flat in those boroughs. In Manhattan’s core — the area outlined on the maps above, where green cabs aren’t allowed to make pickups — Uber added 3.82 million trips in April through June of this year, compared with the same period a year earlier. Taxis, in the same area, lost 3.83 million pickups. The total number of pickups was virtually unchanged: 39.37 million in 2014 versus 39.36 million in 2015.

This shift was consistent throughout the core. There are 51 taxi zones in this part of the city, and Uber added pickups in every one — as we’d expect given its aggressive rollout. Taxis lost pickups in every zone, and these gains and losses were almost perfectly one-to-one.

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