You just can’t make this up. As Ted Reed of Forbes (and formerly of the Charlotte Observer) reports, it seems that American Airlines’ pilots union is not very happy with company management:

The president of the American Airlines pilots union is blasting the airline for an “on the cheap” philosophy, and ranking it below Delta and United for employee relations, after a series of contractual disputes.

“We have all witnessed a culture gone awry,” Keith Wilson, president of the Allied Pilots Association, wrote Saturday in a letter to the airline’s 15,000 pilots.

American CEO Doug Parker and his team are running American about the way one would have expected given how they had previously run US Airways. Wilson’s criticism is thus rather ironic given that:

The support of the APA, the Association of Professional Flight Attendants and the Transport Workers Union was crucial in the effort by Parker and his America West management team, which was running US Airways, to take over American during the carrier’s bankruptcy.