Bill McMorris of the Washington Free Beacon details reaction to last week’s election results from critics of labor union shenanigans.

Labor watchdogs and attorneys fear that the Republican midterm wave may embolden unions to advance their agendas through executive branch regulators.

“Think of it as an end-of-season sale. They’re going to try to get as many sales done as possible. There’s a rush to push things through,” said Fred Wszolek, head of the Workforce Fairness Institute.

Unions have already taken advantage of the pro-labor landscape provided by President Obama’s appointees to the National Labor Relations Board, the top federal labor arbiter, and the Department of Labor.

The NLRB, according to Wszolek, has become a vehicle for the union agenda. Obama’s appointees to the board have overturned longstanding precedent that will ease future organizing efforts, including rules governing ambush elections and the formation of micro-unions.

“I would assume the next two years are going to be more of the same except worse,” he said. “There’s not much you can do as a union legislatively.”

House Republicans have proposed several bills to reverse controversial NLRB rulings, including the micro union decision that allows unions to organize retailers and other workplaces department-by-department, rather than storewide.