Caroline Downey of National Review Online reports an unusual development in higher education.

The president of a New York university on Monday demanded an end to trans intrusion into women’s sports after a male student crushed the collegiate female competition that included one of his students at a recent track-and-field regional championship.

“I reached the place where I could no longer remain silent on this issue,” Wayne D. Lewis Jr., the president of Houghton University, said in a statement. “When I see young women with Houghton written across their uniform . . . at a competitive disadvantage, sometimes losing opportunities that are hard-earned, there is no way that I, as their president, will continue to sit on the sidelines and refuse to advocate for change.”

Over the weekend, male runner Sadie (Camden) Schreiner, of Rutgers Institute of Technology, won first place in the women’s 200-meter event at the All-Atlantic Regional Championships. Schreiner in January broke two women’s records in the  200-meter and 300-meter record dash for his college. The sophomore was the victor of the 4×400-meter relay as well, landing him a Liberty League Women’s Track & Field Performer of the Week award.

At the tournament Saturday, a female Houghton freshman came in fifth place in the 200-meter event under Schreiner, likely promoting the college president’s outraged response.

“A fringe agenda under the guise of making school and collegiate athletics more inclusive for transgender people has grown to the place of now unfairly displacing gifted and hardworking female athletes, obliterating the historic achievements and records of female athletes of the past, and threatening to dismantle the opportunities and protections for girls and women in sport trailblazing leaders fought so hard to create and protect,” Lewis said.

Lewis called out adults of authority who have ignored the encroachment of men into the female divisions, in many cases stealing their titles, trophies, and scholarships.