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Election turnout, incentives, and other JLF items of interest

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The Associated Press interviewed John Locke Foundation Chairman John Hood for an article this holiday week about the impact of voter turnout on this year’s North Carolina election results. Publications including the Greensboro News & Record picked up that story. The Asheville Citizen-Times also interviewed Hood about election turnout data.

Vice President for Outreach Becki Gray discusses the week’s top political news when she joins Bill LuMaye this afternoon on Talk Radio WPTF. Gray took part in a year-end interview this week for Time Warner Cable News’ statewide “Capital Tonight” program, discussed political issues with Carolina Journal Radio Co-Host Donna Martinez on News Radio WPTF, and offered WTSB radio listeners a recap of some of the top political and public policy developments as the year draws to an end. A News & Observer column about the debate surrounding controversial University of North Carolina centers cited Gray’s name.

The Charlotte Observer interviewed Director of Fiscal Policy Studies Sarah Curry for an article about a business recruitment competition between North Carolina and South Carolina involving targeted tax incentives. picked up that story. The Laurinburg Exchange published Curry’s column on the state budget process. The Lenoir News-Topic picked up Vice President for Research and Resident Scholar Roy Cordato‘s column on government picking health care winners and losers.

The Kernersville News published Director of Regulatory Studies Jon Sanders‘ column on the unseen negative impact of overregulation. The Tribune Newspapers dissected Sanders’ column on misguided government efforts to fight poverty. cited Carolina Journal Publisher Jon Ham‘s column on mainstream media outlets ignoring major news stories, along with Associate Editor Barry Smith‘s article on a state Academic Standards Review Commission securing short-term funding and JLF Director of Research and Education Studies Terry Stoops‘ column on the controversy surrounding a revised Advanced Placement U.S. history course. N.C. Senate Republicans’ daily press email promoted Smith’s article on review commission funding, Hood’s column on Southeastern states’ economic performance, Stoops’ column on the AP U.S. history dispute, and contributor Harry Painter‘s article detailing concerns surrounding U.S.-based academic centers funded by the Chinese government.

A WRAL Television story on efforts to re-establish local control of the North Carolina school calendar cited the John Locke Foundation. promoted the video of Nick Dranias’ recent speech to the John Locke Foundation on efforts to streamline the process for approving a federal balanced budget amendment.

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