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Hood’s analysis attracts attention

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John Hood’s syndicated column attracted recent attention in a Kenly News editorial. (In a column below, John Hood, president of the conservative John Locke [Foundation] in North Carolina talks about a couple of polls done by both conservative and liberal polling firms that show North Carolinians are miserably unaware of who is running the state or what kind of job they are doing.) Hood also earned praise in a Roxboro Courier Times letter. (To quote John Hood in the Saturday edition of The Courier-Times, “… some teachers are lazy, poorly trained, ignorant of their subject matter, and ineffective in managing classrooms and teacher content.” Having taught in schools for 31.7 (but who’s counting) years, he just hit a three-pointer. ) also promoted his column about political humility. N.C. Senate Republicans promoted his daily columns this week on redistricting reform, protected political speech, unemployment numbers, and cell phone bans for drivers. Hood’s latest contributions to National Review Online’s blog, “The Corner,” included observations about an anniversary involving Walt Disney.

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