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Researchers tackle health care regulation, teacher turnover, energy subsidies, and more

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The Wilmington Star-News cited this week John Locke Foundation Director of Regulatory Studies Jon Sanders‘ recent report criticizing North Carolina’s certificate-of-need law for medical facilities, services, and equipment. The News & Observer‘s “Wake Ed” blog noted Terry Stoops’ “Locker Room” blog entry questioning whether the AdvancEd accreditation group planned to look into the Wake County school board’s decision to replace its previous chairman.

The Kernersville News published Stoops’ column on factors affecting teacher turnover in North Carolina’s public schools. The “N.C. Spin” website cited Stoops’ column on school systems in the state that get the best “bang for the buck.” Stoops wrote a story on North Carolina’s new school choice programs for the N.C. Family Policy Council’s Family North Carolina magazine. picked up Sanders’ research newsletter on regulation of bail agents and Director of Fiscal Policy Studies Sarah Curry‘s newsletter on the Federal Reserve‘s 100-year anniversary. N.C. Senate Republicans promoted in their daily press email Vice President for Research and Resident Scholar Roy Cordato‘s recent study calling for a calculation of “net” energy subsidies.

A Fayetteville Observer column from former Mayor Marshall Pitts cited Economics and Regulatory Policy Analyst Michael Lowrey‘s annual By The Numbers report on local government tax-and-fee burdens. A Triangle Business Journal article noted the John Locke Foundation’s critique of taxpayer-funded convention centers. (Budget hawks, like those at the conservative-leaning John Locke Foundation, say convention centers are a drain of public money. …)

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