Jeffrey Blehar of National Review Online offers a tongue-in-cheek suggestion to a U.S. Supreme Court justice.

I want to reach out to Supreme Court justice Sonia Sotomayor and give her some 100 percent sincere advice that I hope she takes to heart: You’re fine right where you are, slay queen. Please do not listen to all those negative nellies and bean-counting bigots telling you to resign from the Supreme Court immediately, while Democrats still hold both the White House and the Senate. Don’t let these cynical partisans rip away the most important achievement of your life — sitting next to six Republican-appointed justices in a perpetual minority until you expire — for “reasons.” Ignore the haters!

You are a strong, wise Latina, after all, and have every right to be proud of your tenure on the court — all those influential majority opinions you’ve written. You are held in the highest esteem by your peers on the bench, are universally trusted, and have a reputation for running a truly professional staff of clerks. Meanwhile, every time some entryist Democrat snob like Josh Barro — the guy used to be a Republican, which tells you everything you need to know about how trustworthy he is — pipes up with a piece saying “Sonia Sotomayor Must Retire,” I hear the insufferable sound of the white man trying to drag a tough woman down by appealing to racist conceits like “long-term planning.” …

… And it’s even more pointless to listen to this guy Nate Silver, wielding his data and actuarial charts like a bespectacled Grim Reaper. Devoid of any sort of heart, or any appreciation for just how much being a Supreme Court justice means to your personal journey, he instead lobs easily dismissed arguments such as “a Supreme Court seat is orders of magnitude more important than most political matters.” He’s not even trying to think about you, Sonia. Don’t be cowed by arguments about how the Senate math looks bad in the foreseeable future for Democrats. Don’t listen to people who harp on the fact that your diabetes is so severe that you travel with a personal nurse.