Winston-Salem Journal reports (paywall) that more than five years in the making, W-S city officials are finally ready to move forward with renovations on the former Union Station train depot on Martin Luther King Drive.

The City-County Planning Board will hear the petition today to have the property rezoned, and the City Council more than likely will approve the low bid contractor for demolition work at it meeting on Monday. As you can probably imagine, the city doesn’t have a final estimate on the full restoration, but it is expected to cost somewhere in the neighborhood of $18 million.

Earlier in the process of seizing the property via eminent domain from Davis Garage—the business that occupied the building for years—- city officials conjured visions of Union Station returning to its past as a regional and long distance train station. Interesting the Journal write-up did not mention such a use; as of now the city’s Department of Transportation plans to move its operations onto the first floor.