According to City Council member Vivian Burke, who spoke out as the council considered additional economic incentives for Herbalife to expand its operations in W-S:

…Burke said it was “a shame and disgrace” that the city has spent so many millions of dollars on incentives over the years when “we see how few citizens have opportunities for these jobs.”

..Burke’s complaints about minority hiring went beyond Herbalife. She criticized Winston-Salem Business Inc., the community’s industry-recruitment organization, for not having enough minorities on its staff.

And Burke said that while the city has made big strides over the years in hiring more minorities to work in city government, there are still city offices in which all the employees are white.

“Supervisors will have to do a better job,” Burke said.

The incentives proposal was sent back to the finance committee to be further debated in time for the council’s May 18 meeting.