As the Rhino describes the latest version of House Bill 263—-formerly Sen. Trudy Wade’s Senate Bill 36 restructuring the Greensboro City Council.

The latest version coming out of the joint House-Senate committee:

*The council would have eight district seats. It still would not have any council members elected citywide, and the mayor still would vote only in the cases of ties.

*The council would no longer be able to change district lines after the 2020 census. The new version says the General Assembly “shall revise the districts” after the census. The city, it says, “may submit proposed changes to the districts” to the General Assembly.

This latest version picks up a key vote —Greensboro Rep. Jon Hardister, who told the N&R he believes “it’s a good plan and it will be good for the city to spread out representation.”

Hardister has been hailed as a hero for his opposition to previous forms of the bill. It will be interesting to see how the N&R —which allows personal attacks on Wade to supplement its biased coverage of this issue—treats Hardister if he indeed votes ‘yes’ today—which he says he will.