PTA organizations have been involved in advocacy for years, but recently they have taken a hard left turn, opposing charter schools and supporting teacher walkouts.












May 23 Update

The executive board members of the Wake County PTA Council writes (in part):

We are writing to inform you that the document that you published along with the headline “Wake PTA Wages War on Charter Schools” is in error and is not representative of the views or the position of Wake County PTA Council. This document was not written by a member of our executive board; nor was it seen by, approved by, or voted on by our board. The author of this document apparently posted it in the advocacy group of the communications platform we use. One of the functions of this communication tool is to serve as a message board in which PTA members of local school units can share ideas. The entire communication platform belongs to Wake PTA Council, and Advocacy is one of many groups using this platform. Messages posted by individuals who are members of their school’s local PTA are (1) their personal opinion, (2) not representative of Wake County PTA Council’s positions or policies, and (3) not intended to be published as if they are written or approved by Wake County PTA Council.

We do not know how you received this document, nor how the author of the document’s name was presented as if she were a Wake County PTA Council member, nor how it was turned into a Google document (as that is not the original format in which it was written). We would appreciate you sharing how you came into possession of this document.

The headline using the term “Wake PTA” is misleading, as it implies that the contents of your article are the official position of all PTA members in Wake County, and/or officially authored and endorsed by the Wake County PTA Council executive board members. Any official positions that WCPTA publishes will always be on our official letterhead with our logo, as is the other document that you linked in your article. It would have been appropriate for you to contact us and ask questions before publishing this document, as we would have gladly responded to you.