Appearing in today’s Winston-Salem Journal, Jennifer Rubin of the Washington Post tells us how to hold Trump “enablers” accountable. But she’s just not talking about public officials here:

Private employers shouldn’t hire someone who has been a known liar for a white nationalist (if for no other reason than it is bad for business); the congressman should be voted out. Our reaction to Trump enablers should be proportionate to their own conduct. No responsible company should advertise on Tucker Carlson’s show and should face boycotts if they do; the board of Fox News’s parent company, including Paul Ryan, should be confronted at every turn about its platform for white nationalists. While I normally don’t recommend tearing apart personal relationships over politics, frankly, MAGA-hat wearers might find they’ve lost friends and the respect or affection of neighbors, colleagues and fellow congregants. They, too, have to live with their choices.

I can handle it; I have plenty of friends, neighbors, colleagues and congregants. And yes I am living with my choice just fine—-through both good and not-so good.