Liberals complain when conservatives talk about a war on Christmas. They say it’s just a myth, all replacing of “Christmas” with “Holiday” nationwide notwithstanding. But a little-known front in the war has been the actual kidnapping of Baby Jesus from mangers in Nativity scenes. It’s such a problem that a high-tech solution has been developed:

There’s more than a higher power guarding the Baby Jesus on many public displays for the holidays.

There’s also GPS.

Churches, synagogues and other places that display holiday scenes are taking a high-tech approach to an old holiday tradition: theft. They’re embedding Jesus figures, menorahs and Santa statues with global positioning system satellite tracking devices.

It’s unlikely that drug addicts are stealing plastic and ceramic Jesuses to hock in pawn shops. More likely is it’s activist atheists or church-state separation militants doing the stealing. May these GPS Jesuses result in their arrest.