John Sexton writes for about current political challenges for a controversial group on Capitol Hill.

Michelle Goldberg has a column up … that reads more like a news story. The focus of the column is Rep. Jamaal Bowman who has been getting himself in trouble lately with his Jewish constituents because of his left-wing approach to Israel. …

… [A]ll of these primary challengers running against members of the Squad, including whoever runs against Bowman, will likely be well funded thanks to millions pouring in from Jewish groups who are concerned about the anti-Israel tone being adopted by many on the left. Simply put, a lot of Jewish Democrats feel abandoned and scorned by their own party and they are going to push back, especially against the most prominent progressive voices, like the members of the squad.

But that’s only going to make the problem worse within the party. The young progressives who already see Israel as the enemy are going to see the pushback in favor of Israel as one more thing they need to drive out of their caucus. What do you call it when leftist cancel culture turns on American Jews? They’ll call it anti-Zionism of course but my guess is it will often be indistinguishable from anti-Semitism. And round and round we go, driving the wedge between the two groups deeper.

A Democratic district leader who held a fundraiser for Bowman last year told Goldberg she couldn’t back Bowman anymore and didn’t see much hope of things improving. “He’s not going to convince us, and we’re not going to convince him,” she said. Now assume that same kind of feeling of irreconcilable differences is setting in within every district where a member of the Squad has been elected. This doesn’t mean they’ll all be tossed out of office next year, that will depend on the electorate in each district, but it’s definitely creating a lot of bad blood within the party at a time when they probably can’t afford it.