Eddie Scarry of the Federalist worries more about a major American media outlet than Russian propaganda.

An unintentionally hilarious “EXCLUSIVE” in The Washington Post this week claimed that Russian “propaganda” is both creating and exacerbating opposition among Republicans to dumping more money into the war in Ukraine. …

… Apparently, the only reason a plurality of Americans — 31 percent, according to Pew Research — feels we’ve financially shackled ourselves a little too tightly to Ukraine, sinking hundreds of billions of taxpayer dollars into a conflict we have no way to account for, is that Russia said so.

“Russia has been ramping up its propaganda operations,” the Post reported Monday, “as part of a second front that current and former senior Western officials said has become almost as important for Moscow as the military campaign in Ukraine — especially as congressional approval for further aid has become critical for Kyiv’s ability to continue defending itself.”

An example of such allegedly poisonous “propaganda” was included at the very top: a fake American citizen created by a Russian communications firm who would somewhere be cited (presumably on social media) professing he “doesn’t support the military aid that the U.S. is giving Ukraine and considers that the money should be spent defending America’s borders and not Ukraine’s. He sees that Biden’s policies are leading the U.S. toward collapse.”

Raise your hand if you needed someone, real or fake, to tell you the southern border has collapsed as a direct consequence of the president’s policies, and everything else has gone to hell for the same reasons.

As dumb and gullible as the media believe middle-class Americans are, nobody goes to the grocery store or the gas station right now and finishes up saying, “All my money is gone, but I really can’t wait to send another $20 billion to Ukraine.” Likewise, nobody sees the shocking images of the hordes of foreign men bum-rushing their way through border agents and thinks, “Hey, that’s neat!”