In the spirit of last Friday’s frivolity over the early 70s’ best rock albums, I started to wonder if anyone else struggles with mishearing lyrics like I do (here’s a good clearinghouse).

Years ago on a “Saturday Night Live” special Mike Myers and Dana Carvey, in their “Wayne’s World” characters, named their Top 10 misheard lyrics, which included Jimi Hendrix’s “Purple Haze” (‘scuse me, while I kiss this guy!” — the most common misheard lyric, according to the Web site linked above) and Creedence’s “Bad Moon Rising” (“there’s a bathroom on the right”).

Here are mine, and they both have to do with dismembered or not-fully-intact beings. The first is Stevie Nicks’s “Edge of Seventeen” (“just like the one-winged dove…”). The other is Collective Soul’s “The World I Know” (“it’s the one-eyed clown”). Also, there’s Wild Cherry’s “You Sexy Thing” (“I believe in milko!” – I know, what the heck is “milko?”). Embarrassing, huh?

Actually, you could put almost anything Stevie Nicks sings on that list, as well as Bob Dylan. There was actually a radio parody years ago when I lived in New Hampshire that asked, “Stevie Nicks — what is she singing?!?” It included a Stevie sound-alike intentionally slurring her already unintelligible words. Which reminds me of another radio parody from back then, which was a mock commercial: Grace Slick for Flintstones vitamins (“One pill looks like Barney, and the other looks like Fred…”).

OK, enough.