Gotta have some fun with comments from Democratic lawmakers in today?s press coverage of the collapse in support for House Speaker Jim Black?s idea of a sales-tax increase to fund hurricane relief. Black invited giggles when when he remarked:

“We don’t have enough money to balance the budget. We’re $1.2 billion in the hole before we even consider disaster (relief). You spend a couple hundred million dollars and you’re digging a deeper hole,” said Black, apparently agitated by the turn of events.

“The No. 1 rule of holes is when you find yourself in one, quit digging,” Black said.

So, the speaker is now opposed to any additional spending for 2005-06, on items such as Leandro school funding? That would be a welcome change from his past preference, which inclined more towards deep-pit shoveling.

My favorite gem is from who would have been the main sponsor of the plan for a half-cent ?temporary? tax increase to fund relief efforts primarily in Western NC:

“We think it’s an opportunity to share without hurting anybody,” said Rep. Phil Haire, D-Jackson. “Technically it’s a half-cent sales tax. I like to call it a hurricane-relief fee.”

I like to call it Grand Theft Blotto. Anyone else have a favorite name?