On Twitter:

From his personal Twitter account, President Joe Biden has mentioned inflation once: 

From the @POTUS government account, the first time President Biden mentioned inflation was in early November, long after Americans were feeling their dollars lose value. Biden’s explicit tweets about inflation total seven. Four of those tweets touted his mostly-dead Build Back Better bill as an inflation anecdote. 

In his first (of two) tweets on inflation this month, the President tweeted, “I have a plan to lower costs and ease inflation – my Build Back Better Act. Congressional Republicans can’t say the same.” 

Via Press Conferences:

In a June 2021 press conference, President Biden stated: “And, by the way — talking inflation — the overwhelming consensus is it’s going to pop up a little bit and then go back down.  No one is talking about, ‘This great, great deal.’”

He slightly shifted gears this fall when he acknowledged “inflationary pressures” and pointed to Build Back Better as the answer. He continued and implied his miracle pill of Build Back Better would fix the edge that he claimed we have lost as a nation.   

Through Psaki: 

Press Secretary Jen Psaki’s (three) tweets about inflation acknowledged its existence only when touting Build Back Better. She tweeted that evil Republicans are “rooting for inflation” in their opposition to Build Back Better.  

Through Kamala: 

No real surprise here… 

Her personal account (@KamalaHarris) has one tweet on inflation since she became Vice President, touting Build Back Better. Other tweets mentioned “higher prices” with similar, asinine solutions.  

A month ago, the Vice President was asked point-blank about inflation. She called inflation a “big issue” but pivoted to Build Back Better, saying the bill is “designed to make it less expensive for working people to live” and “is not going to cost anything.” Besides the fact that this is false, it hardly answers the question of inflation.


Curiously, most of this Administration’s conversation on inflation is actually about Build Back Better. 

Of course, Build Back Better would have been a wrecking ball to our economy. Former White House Council of Economic Advisers Chairman Kevin Hassett sums it up: Build Back Better would attack supply and feed demand, thus accelerating inflation. 

The Administration remains decidedly out of touch when discussing pertinent issues affecting the American people. In North Carolina, voters said inflation is a greater concern than unemployment by a 77 to 20 margin. 

Absent the massive tax-and-spend bill, what is the Biden Administration’s plan now? Americans are waiting for a serious answer. Build Back Better was never it.