Swain County will get some of the additional pre-K slots funded by Governor Beverly Perdue’s executive order. Adept in the field of developmental psychology, the governor apparently recognizes that the fogging of the ability to distinguish between wants and needs occurs well after the age of five. At-risk children, in particular, have well-developed priorities:

“Until every at-risk child who wants to be in NC Pre-K is enrolled, the state hasn’t done enough,” Perdue said. “But today at least we are making progress towards fulfilling our legal – and moral – obligation to our children.”

Until she said so, it was not apparent to a majority in the General Assembly that voting to cut programming was against the law. Worse, we discover it is moral to encourage families to leave child rearing to the state.

Turning on her party, the governor admitted the economy is in the pits, and welcomed a regime change:

“Now more than ever, as we sit poised for an economic recovery, any delay in preparing our kids to be tomorrow’s workforce is simply unacceptable,” Perdue said.

An ardent reader of sci-fi, the governor supposes aliens, robots, or yesterday’s children will be tomorrow’s workforce unless we do something to stop it.