The Macon County Schools are “in serious financial trouble.” Interim Superintendent Dr. Jim Duncan attributes the $550,000 shortfall to years of expenditures outpacing revenue. Problems include unreliable state funding, the end of stimulus subsidies, and state-mandated pay increases.

Meanwhile, on another page of the same newspaper, we find:

As part of an ongoing joint effort between the school system and the county to give Macon County schools a face lift, the facilities review committee met last week to discuss continued improvements to schools throughout the district.

Not to worry, funds for construction come from the state’s pot of magic money that in no way could be used for teacher salaries, so don’t even think about it. The school also took out a $1.5 million loan to upgrade student computers.

The focus of the implementation of the new computers will be to eliminate any computers in the district that are more than five years old because those units are not contributing to the education of Macon County students.

At least kids in the school system are having fun.