I will try to stay within the limits of BCRA here. But I was in South Carolina yesterday, attending presidential candidate stuff. The night ended with the Conservative Review’s Convention. There was rhetoric, yes; but there were about three speakers with a lot of punch. They spoke well about the need to poke the tyranny of political correctness in the eye, to stop being held in submission to disgraceful notions of progress, etc.

Ben Carson gave a great speech on domestic problems, the most memorable part was saying all the things he would do to if he wanted to destroy the country. After a long list, he said, facetiously, he wasn’t trying to imply anything, but . . .

Ted Cruz ran down his record of fighting the UN, the World Court, the Republican establishment and friends in order to defend the Constitution and Bill of Rights this country. He made enemies standing up for We the People as a Senator, too. He left the impression he didn’t want to be president for power but to break up concentrations of power.

Marco Rubio was added late to the agenda. He and two people endorsing him canceled shortly before his scheduled appearance. News outlets are still fuddled about the whys and wherefores.

My most important takeaway was looking out over the crowd, a stadium of maybe 4500 people. The floodlights were on probably for security purposes. But one could see in the stadium (90 percent full according to Sean Hannity) a host of silver-haired people smiling, with hope in their eyes. When was the last time you saw that?