Multiple Choice

Monday will be Constitution Day. What does this mean? (Again, there are no right answers. What matters is that your teacher feels good about how you say you feel for telling her what she wants to hear.)

(a) Legislators are encouraged to uphold the US Constitution on this day and this day only.
(b) A moment of silence will be provided to commemorate the anniversary of the passing of the dearly beloved document at the beginning of any legislative session held on this day.
(c) Schools receiving federal funds must program curricula to educate students about revisionist history on this day.
(d) School menus shall feature leafy, green vegetables, whole grains, and other foods with high-fiber content.
(e) Children will be permitted to lay wreaths and plant flags where the document is entombed, in the Rotunda at the National Archives.
(f) Judges are encouraged to count the number of times the General Welfare and Interstate Commerce clauses can be stre-e-e-e-tched to the moon and back, and then legislate another trip for good measure.
(g) All group activities shall be constituted with a majority representing diverse interests on this day.
(h) All group activities shall be constituted with an energy empowering diverse interests on this day.