Rick Moran writes for PJMedia.com about the lack of accountability surrounding the large-scale theft of COVID funds.

The list of fraudsters is longer than anyone thought possible. And the fraud schemes range from the clever to plans so stupid you have to wonder who was dumber — the fraudster or the government manager who approved the funds.

No one was fired for the malfeasance, the negligence, the stupidity, the laziness, or the sheer, shocking incompetence involved in losing hundreds of billions of dollars to criminals and ordinary people who saw that a child could rob the government of hundreds of thousands of dollars without any effort at all.

No one was fired, but Biden is actually trying to promote one of the most extraordinarily inept bureaucrats in the country to the position of Secretary of Labor. Julie Su ran the California Employment Development Department during the COVID-19 crisis where about $30 billion disappeared into the ether, including tens of millions of dollars in unemployment benefits stolen by California inmates sitting at computers in prison robbing the taxpayer blind while guards watched.

No termination, no disciplinary action has been reported. And we wonder why these clowns lose billions of dollars every year in Medicare fraud, small business loan fraud, and every other fraud imaginable. 

COVID fraud is special because of the ease with which criminals and ordinary people attacked the $4.5 trillion in “emergency spending” appropriated by Congress like a pack of jackals attacking a rotting carcass. Common sense rules designed to limit fraud went out the window. According to a new Government Accountability Office (GAO) report, we’ll probably never know the extent of the fraud.

“When the federal government provides emergency assistance, the risk of payment errors—including those attributable to fraud—may increase because the need to provide this assistance quickly can lead agencies to relax or forego effective safeguards,” the GAO explained in a new report summing up efforts to recoup stolen funds.