The Rotary Club of Asheville can do what it wants with its own money. I can also use my freedom of speech to suggest one of their programs is misguided. Yes, children are cute and adorable, and we just want to spoil them; but the spoiled-rotten doesn’t look good on them when they grow up. If you doubt, consider yours truly.

Anyhoo, wise people preach the importance of distinguishing between wants and needs. I feel sorry for the needy, and I wish I could be more helpful. Suggestions are welcome. However, I am not very sympathetic toward the wanty; those who have enough and want those with less to give them more.

The Rotary Club is only donating $215 to Shop with a Cop, so it is no big deal. It is just that I would prefer to have cops be that formidable force with which people must deal for harming others. I don’t like it when, considering the amount of crime in this town, officers are taken offline to cut paper dolls with little girls. Now, they will get to go buy things for wanty children to cultivate skills of demanding rather than earning.

I’m callous, but remember, I’m spoiled.