Adweek reports on how private enterprise quickly reacted to the unusual World Cup development. 

Seconds before Uruguay scored the only goal of the game, Suarez—who has a history of pulling such Hannibal Lecter-like moves—seemingly chomped into Chiellini’s shoulder. This is the third time the player’s been punished for biting opponents, reports CBSNews.

Bud Light and Listerine quickly bought Promoted Tweets around the #Suarez hashtag, with the beer brand playfully utilizing a picture of a bitten-into bottle. Listerine set-up a social newsroom before the Cup began for these types of marketing opportunities.

Other brands cleverly tweeting thanks to Suarez’s actions include Trident, Cinnamon Toast Crunch, Snickers, McDonald’s, Whataburger and Major League Baseball.

You can see how the businesses reacted here. It’s another great example of the free market is nimble, ingenious, and ready to react to consumers and entice them to a product.