Local media are reporting that the North Carolina Utilities Commission has approved Duke electricity rates being hiked by an average of 5.3% for residential consumers, 4.7% for commercial consumers, and 3.6% for industrial consumers. Some media are trying to make it seem as if consumers dodged a bullet; it could’ve been worse, you see, as if this was the last rate-hike request Duke would ever have.

We have been warning for years that North Carolinians face much higher electricity rates in the near future. Media won’t tell this story at all. How do I know? Because they haven’t.

It would involve reporting on Gov. Roy Cooper and Atty. Gen. Josh Stein breaking their promises to electricity consumers, which Must Not Ever Be Reported:

As candidates for their respective offices, both Gov. Roy Cooper and Attorney General Josh Stein took bold stands defending electricity consumers from being made to pay for coal ash cleanup costs. … Two settlement agreements later under Cooper and Stein, flabbergasted North Carolinians have to be wondering how come they’re now on the hook for nearly 90% of coal ash cleanup costs — which are projected to reach $9 billion.

What happened?

Read “How Cooper and Stein trashed their promises to electricity consumers in two devastating settlements” at Carolina Journal to find out. You won’t read about it elsewhere.