During the public comment portion of Tuesday’s Asheville City Council meeting, a group, which identified itself as Citizens Awareness Asheville Coalition, advocated the creation of a citizens’ police oversight committee. The group formed to protest violations of free speech, including a recent incident where a man was apprehended by the police for displaying a banner from a highway overpass, and a couple had a run-in with the law for flying a American flag upside-down with pictures on it.

Two women spoke to city council. Both were widows of men killed by police officers. As usual, the men weren’t doing anything when the police charged and attacked. Since cases are still under investigation, no information can be released to the families, and this is construed to be evidence of a conspiracy. Councilman Dr. Carl Mumpower warned about the paralysis politicization of police incidents can impose on law enforcement agencies.

Libertarian city council candidate William Meredith and his campaign manager Rob Close showed up to support the speakers. Other prominent local Ron Paul supporters are also affiliated with the group, which seems to carry an “Impeach Bush” theme. Bernard Carman, who has been working closely with legal counsel on bannering for Ron Paul, recently received a legal threat for having his banner, which he was asked not to bring, caught in the backdrop of a photo of the world’s tallest bike attempt taken at the Lexington Avenue Arts & Fun Festival.