I try really hard not to “make a man an offender for a word.” I am surely more at fault than anybody for typographical errors, garbled syntax, wrong word choice, etc., etc. However, I feel it is important when doing the peoples’ business to communicate. I am going to post an example, but it is by no means exceptional. The body of law is just way too big anymore for anybody to take the time to proofread.

The developers strongly believe that RAD Lofts in conjunction with the New Belgium investment will stimulate further investment into the sub market and less risk oriented institution seek to capitalize on the RAD Lofts inevitable success.

I think they are saying they can pull some power words into a sentence, sprinkle in other words in ways that defy conceptualization, and thus cause our leaders twinkle their fingers in PC excitement, afraid to ask, “Huh?” The bottom line, I infer, is to benefit personally through transfers of power to government.