Not sure if they will rescind, but it sure looks like they will revisit, as reported in both the Rhino and the N&R.

Commissioner Jeff Philips tells the Rhino:

“I think we should revisit it; I think we will,” Phillips said. “I’m still working to find some answers. We need to understand and consider fully the way that was done. If I have any say in it, we will.”

Phillips said the raises and the process by which they were awarded are a perfect example of why he ran for office – to make Guilford County government more transparent.

He also said the fact that the legality of some of the raises is in question is troubling.

“That’s all the more reason for us to revisit this,” Phillips said.

Sheriff BJ Barnes and Board of Elections Director George Gilbert — who will retire March 1 — seem mystified by their respective raises and say they would wish pay hikes for their employees first. Gilbert also noted that “salaries for some employees – such as those in human resources and the Finance Department – seem to be higher than the pay of employees in similar positions in other departments.”

Gilbert didn’t blatantly connect the dots, but Scott Yost does, pointing out that Sharisse Fuller —who pitched the ‘equity adjustments’ to the previous commission, is head of human resources while —you know who —County Manager Brenda Jones Fox “was the head of the Finance Department before she was made county manager four years ago.”

What a coincidence.