Kudos to two NC State students who have created a business that offers customized lawn care packages. They hope they can expand the business across the state and the country.

For Walsh and Walser, this is just the beginning. Go Pro Lawns has already been featured in The Triangle Business Journal and The Premiere in addition to participating in the Southern Ideal Home Show.

Both Walsh and Walser have personal landscaping companies that they manage individually as well.

“This is just something I’ve always done year-round,” Walsh said. “We both did landscaping heavily in high school too. I’m glad I finally found a business model that works off of my degree.”

Though they are students, Walsh said they don’t let school get in the way of entrepreneurship.

“We determined this was a good product that could be very profitable and provide a professional quality to the homeowner,” Walsh said. “We now have investors and many of them are blown away by our product.”

Good for them. But I hope someone prepares them for the criticism to come. It won’t be long before they’ll be derided as being money-grubbing businessmen who don’t pay their fair share and who’ve become successful on the backs of others.