Ken Green, writing on the American Enterprise Institute blog, calculates how many jobs are being destroyed due to wind power subsidies being bragged about by the President on the campaign trail.

In the case of Spain, the cost of creating a green-energy job came at the expense of two jobs that would have been created elsewhere in the economy with the same capital. In Italy, you could have created between five and seven jobs with the “investment” needed to create one green-energy job. In the UK, the lost-job number was about four. If we take the average of these (4), and apply it to the wind-power jobs quoted in this article, for the 7,000 jobs created in Iowa with wind-power subsidies, we could have created 28,000 jobs in other parts of the Iowa economy. For the 37,000 jobs (nation-wide) that the article attributes to wind-power subsidies, we could have created 148,000 jobs elsewhere in the economy.

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