Lynne Lechter writes at the American Thinker about those who consider themselves “woke.”

Urban slang defines a person being “woke” or “wokeness” as someone being cognizant of “social justice.” Social justice, in this worldview, encompasses racism, feminism, gender fluidity, inequality, and “undocumented visitors” (illegal aliens).

The very word connotes a superior state of being in which any opposing opinion is perceived as a personal affront, or even attack, and triggers the necessity for safe spaces. Opposing viewpoints are bludgeoned on college campuses and in the mainstream media as racist, sexist, homophobic, xenophobic, gun-toting, and Bible-thumping idiocies.

Oh, the elitism — and blindness!

The woke are really the unwoke — those with no sense of self-awareness of the hypocritical and self-aggrandizing images they actually project to the rest of us. …

… The woke lecture on climate change but take private jet from forum to yacht to 20,000-square-foot-plus mansions.

The woke tremble at the thought of individual law-abiding citizens having guns to protect themselves but are surrounded by armed security guards and electrified walls.

The woke protect public school teachers’ unions failing so many in the inner cities but send their kids to private schools.

The woke scream “racist” if the “N” word is used or radical Islam is noted but remain silent as anti-Semitism is rampant in U.S .colleges and some Democrat congressional members spew virulent anti-Semitic tropes.

The woke laud sanctuary cities and cashless bail but ignore the suffering of the victims who are harmed by the illegal alien and other protected-class thugs.