The above quote is from Top Gun.   It is in the scene where Stinger tells Goose and Maverick that they have been chosen for the Top Gun flight school at Miramar.  You may recall that Goose and Maverick were not the first choice.  Fellow pilot Cougar was Stinger’s first choice, but Cougar had an in-flight incident that compelled him to turn in his wings.

Anyway, that line that came to mind after hearing John Blust warn his Republican colleagues to “be more careful” with the power granted to them by the voters.  Blust has a point.  The Republicans need to be “doing it better and cleaner than the other guy.”

Voters have a limit on how much Goose and Maverick they can take.  Indeed, there are consequences for not “doing it better and cleaner than the other guy.” I mean (spoiler alert), Goose dies near the end of the movie.  That’s not good.