John Locke Foundation celebrates its 25th anniversary

The John Locke Foundation presents

a Headliner Luncheon Panel Discussion: 

2016 Election Preview

with our special guests

John Gizzi, Chief Political Correspondent, Newsmax
John Hood, President, John William Pope Foundation
Marc Rotterman, Political Strategist and Media Consultant

In this presentation, our panel of seasoned election analysts, including John Gizzi of Newsmax, will give their views on what’s ahead in an unusual election cycle that has already turned conventional wisdom on its head. So far it appears to be the year of the outsider, but should North Carolinians expect that dynamic to last? How will the more experienced candidates present themselves in this environment? What about debates and polls? You’ll hear from the experts as North Carolinians prepare to vote in the March 15 primary election with an eye toward November.

About John Gizzi
John Gizzi is Newsmax's chief political columnist and White House correspondent. He is “the man who knows everyone in Washington” as well as many who hold elected positions and party leadership roles throughout America. He has appeared on countless radio and TV shows in America and Europe. He is the recipient of the William A. Rusher Award for Journalistic Excellence and was named Journalist of the Year by the Conservative Political Action Conference in 2002.

About John Hood
John Hood is the president of the John William Pope Foundation. Since 1986, he has written a syndicated column on politics and public policy that is published in numerous North Carolina newspapers, is a frequent guest on talk radio, and serves as a weekly panelist on the TV show “NC SPIN." Hood is the author of seven books. The most recent one is Catalyst: Jim Martin and the Rise of North Carolina Republicans.

About Marc Rotterman
Marc Rotterman is a Republican media strategist and a former board member of the American Conservative Union. He served on the national staff of the Reagan campaign in 1980. Rotterman is the founding president of the John Locke Foundation and a current senior fellow who writes extensively about politics and policy.

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First in Freedom Index

Overall, North Carolina ranks 23rd in the nation and 5th among the 12 states of the Southeast. Florida holds the #1 slot on the FFI, followed by Arizona, Indiana, South Dakota, and Georgia.
The least-free state is New York, which is joined in the bottom five by New Jersey, California, West Virginia, and Kentucky.

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