I was honored to serve as one of the judges for the 2015 Biasy.  Choice Media’s Executive Director Bob Bowdon writes,

Choice Media has named a story by Valerie Strauss of the Washington Post as winner of the 2015 Biasy — the first-ever award for media bias in education content. The winning story, “Charter school law funded by Bill Gates in Washington state ruled unconstitutional,” dated September 6, 2015, was named as the year’s most biased piece of education writing by a group of twelve experts in education policy from around the country.

The judges, all of whom support school choice for families, were asked to rate the five nominated links for media bias on a scale of 0-10, and the results were averaged to determine the winner. Each of the five nominated stories received a “Most Biased” rating from at least one of the twelve judges. The judges’ raw score for bias have been released to the public by Choice Media.

Valerie Strauss truly deserves of this honor.

No North Carolina-related stories received a nomination.